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Creating and building a theos project within Xcode

Xcode is the go-to IDE for iOS development, with many great features. One feature that is missing however is the lack of support for building iOS projects that aren't iOS GUI applications This is where Theos comes in. Theos is a build system for iOS that allows a developer to…

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Creating an iOS Debugger: Part 2: Introduction to Breakpoints

Welcome to part 2 of my debugger series. In today’s post, we will be investigating a crucial part of a debugger, Breakpoints. What is a breakpoint? Many programmers out there will know what breakpoints are and may have used them at some point before. I will briefly give an…

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Creating an iOS Debugger: Part 1: Backtracing

Before we begin, this tutorial assumes that you are reasonably familiar with assembly language (specifically ARM). In most blog series, the writer tends to start from the bottom, the very beginning of their content, and work up from there. We do things differently however, over at satorify. We won’t…

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Creating an iOS Debugger: Part 0: Introduction

Welcome to the first of my posts in a series about creating a debugger for iOS (and possibly OS X too). This post will mainly be covering what the series will cover, and what to expect in the next posts. Before I get started, I would just like to say…

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Satori's blog

I made this blog to document the progression of some of my projects, and discuss nerdy coding stuff. I doubt I will keep the blog up to date but one can always hope! One of the main things I plan to blog about is my ongoing development of my main…

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